About Us

"REMIX BULGARIA" LTD was established in 2000 as a trading company with manager Lubo Ganev.
REMIX BULGARIA LTD deals in design, manufacturing and selling of cylinder batteries, trailers and semi-trailers for storage and transport of CNG, building and maintenance of CNG stations, import and distribution of automobile CNG fuel installations and methane cylinders. The Company is exclusive representative for Bulgaria of the Italian companies SICOM and BRC producing full range of stations for car refueling with CNG (in short called CNG stations); CILBRAS, FABER and DALMINE- manufacturing methane cylinders; EMER and FOR – fittings and components for CNG systems; TARTARINI AUTO - automobile CNG fuel installations for LPG; BRC - - automobile CNG fuel installations for methane; ZETAESSE – copper pipe.

Up to July 2011, REMIX BULGARIA LTD has built up 36 CNG stations out of 96 CNG stations in Bulgaria with equipment from SICOM and BRC and it supports 6 CNG stations of other brands. Until the end of the year, REMIX BULGARIA LTD will also build up 25-30 CNG stations in different cities of the country, 10 of which are already delivered.

The main advantages of the CNG filling stations of SICOM and BRC make are:
- The company has built-up loading station networks in many countries all over the world through the utilized modern technologies and high product quality.
- The SICOM compressor stations are characterized with high capacity and low energy consumption, which is achieved through the utilization of most up-to-date technologies in the production of such equipment.
- SICOM and BRC are the only companies that are using Booster (additional smaller compressor) for fast filling of the filling pump container and reduction of the electric power expenses.
- The lowest price on Bulgarian market (the difference for a full set as compared to the other manufacturers, represented in Bulgaria exceeds 40000 euro.)
- Possibilities for operation within a broad range of input pressures (1-60 bar/g).

REMIX BULGARIA LTD does not only act as sales agent, but also performs erection, commissioning, and provides guarantee and post-guarantee maintenance of the equipment 24-hours a day, through highly qualified personnel, that has been trained at SICOM and BRC plants in Italy.

REMIX BULGARIA LTD provides appropriate training and instruction of your personnel, working at the gas-filling station.

REMIX BULGARIA LTD as exclusive representative for Bulgaria of the Italian companies SICOM and BRC has in storage the necessary quantity of spare parts for a period of more than 15 years since the CNG station has started. It also has qualified personnel for quick and qualified client service.

РЕМИКС БЪЛГАРИЯ ООД offers the lowest prices of methane-based gas installations for all kinds of vehicles of BRC make, for which it is exclusive representative for Bulgaria.

Up to July 2011, about 80% of the converted automobiles working on methane are equipped with CNG systems of the BRC brand. The methane installations may be completed with Italian CNG cylinders of CILBRAS, FABER or DALMINE from 20 to 150 l and comply with all safety requirements and EU standards.

REMIX BULGARIA LTD manufactures offers and rents cylinder batteries with capacity of 100 to 1200 nm3 and semi-trailers for transport of CNG with capacity of 2000 to 7000 nm3. Up to October 2008, REMIX BULGARIA LTD has manufactured and delivered to its clients 50 semi-trailers and more than 300 cylinder batteries.

REMIX BULGARIA LTD has introduced and implemented a Quality management system according to ISO 9001:2000 with a scope of application: Design, manufacturing and selling of cylinder batteries, trailers and semi-trailers for storage and transport of CNG, building and maintenance of CNG stations.

REMIX BULGARIA LTD performs in Bulgaria conversion of diesel and turbo-diesel truck and bus engines to methane-diesel by Italian technology with basic components of BRC brand. All basic components (reductor, electric valves, turn-cock, steel pipe and CNG cylinders etc.) are Italian, as for the installation, the manufacturing of additional components and the adjustment of the engine are made in Bulgaria in the "Remix Bulgaria" LTD specialized service-stations or at site upon client's request, providing after-sales and maintenance services.

REMIX BULGARI LTD may at client's desire provide a leasing scheme or a bank credit for station purchase or semi-trailers, meanwhile it guarantees in front of the corresponding institutions for the appropriate technical maintenance and the possibility of buy back of the equipment, before the before the end of the term for payment at additionaly negotiated price.

Manager Lubo Ganev: mobile: +359 888 330 053
Executive director Krasimir Gaidarov: +359 886 435 660
E-mail: remix@datacom.bg   http://www.remixbg.com

Production site: Bulgaria, 1712 Sofia, 2 Eng. Georgi Belov Str.
Tel./fax: +359 2 862 9057; +359 2 9745 012; mobile: +359 888 330 053
Storehouse: +359 887 545 041; +359 889 585 558
Technical service: +359 888 007 347